Silhouet Tone Cirrus Steamer

Silhouet tone cirrus steamer

Cirrus Facial Steamer by Silhouet-Tone Perhaps the best and most advanced model we offer, the Cirrus steamer is an amazing device that is capable of withstanding years of. Silhouet-Tone Cirrus Vapo 02 Steamer I'm selling a Silhouet Tone Combo Cirrus 500 that is a new, highly effective and versatile way to delivers spa/aesthetic treatments. Complete arm with head for steamer (code 416440) 6 wicks for essential oils (code. ST CLUB © 2012 Silhouet-Tone Terms of use Don't see the brand you are looking for below.

Microprocessor-controlled, Vaporizer with dynamic system (ozone). The Cirrus Vapo 02 Steamer has an integrated system for essential oils. Please call Aesthetics Complete for pricing: 800.842.9922 (outside PA), 610.265.3535 (in PA) Rolling steamer base only, adjustable height, for Cirrus 02 and Vapo steamer models. 24" High, 24" Wide. Cirrus 500 Combo with steamer-Cirrus 500 Combo with steamer by Silhouet-tone Features the Combo Cirrus 500 (High Frequency, Micro Stimulator/Galvanic, Rotary Brush.

Silhouet tone cirrus

The High Frequency Cirrus Ultraderm is used for its germicidal, stimulating, and soothing effects. The Cirrus Rotary Brush is used at the beginning of a treatment to remove dead surface cells. High frequency used for its germicidal, stimulating and sooting effects. Silhouet Tone Cirrus 500, aesthetic equipment, all in one multifunction machine, galvonic, high frequency, rotary brush, esthetic equipment, med spa, esthetic. Combines the benefits of 4 essential aesthetic functions and 2 specialized treatments for a series of unique face and body treatments with optimal results.

All the basic esthetic functions plus body treatment, automated desincrustation, micro-current pulsating galvanic, and lymphatic micro-stimulator. Cirrus Modulex Multi Function SystemMulti-Function - Distributor of quality massage tables, facial beds and other salon and day spa equipment Silhouet-Tone Cirrus Modulex mobile combination skin care system is ideal for those who want to pick and choose exactly the piece of equipment they need. STCIRMODBAS Cirrus Modulex Base Unit from Silhouet-Tone: Customize this modular system to meet your particular requirements. Complete Cirrus Combo Unit with Column,Steamer, and Lamp. Clamp, and Rolling Base available at additional cost.

Silhouet tone cirrus skin care system

Silhouet-Tone is a successful leader of innovations in skin rejuvenation technology. Cirrus 500 - Aesthetic Equipment - Preview - Silhouet-Tone Silhoutet Tone Cirrus System mobile combination skin care system is a space-saver as the one piece of eqiupment (410220) handles all your skin care needs. Our range of specialized equipment includes age-management devices for the face. The Energy 900 incorporates multiple technologies to rejuvenate aging skin cells by re-energizing the epidermal, dermal and muscular layers with different forms of. Multi-Function Skin Care Systems (2) Oils and Creams (3) Pre-Owned Equipment (6) Advanced Skin Care Systems; Microdermabrasion Systems.

Accessory Holder for Combo Cirrus 500 from Silhouet-Tone Silhouettone Cirrus 02 Facial Steamer Vaporizer with dynamic system (ozone). Offering massage tables, spa equipment and an amazing skin care line for day spas, beauty salons, dermatologists, aestheticians, and. Silhouet Tone Cirrus 500, aesthetic equipment, all in one multifunction machine.

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